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What is the cost of shipping?
Standard shipping costs are applicable with the purchase of your order. Shipping is free for orders above Rs 999.


How long will it take for the order to reach me?
Shipments in Karnataka make take up to 3-4 Business days. Shipments in all other parts of India may take 7-10 Business days. Shipments may take longer than the stipulated time mentioned above due to unforeseen reasons and reasons beyond our control. No refunds or concessions will be made due to delayed shipments, Orders cannot be cancelled once shipped.

What can I do if my order dispatch is delayed?
We will try our best to get your products to you within the estimated delivery times. If the package has not reached you by the expected delivery date, please write to us on Whatsapp  and we will try our best to resolve your issues.

My order has been shipped. Can I track it?

Once your order has been dispatched we will send you an email with a confirmation of fulfillment, you can track the order using the tracking ID made available to you in this email. Some carriers may not provide a tracking Id in which case please reach out to us on Whatsapp.



  • Due to restrictions by certain apartments and living societies, it may not be possible to deliver the product to the door, in which case the delivery person may contact you and drop the package at the Entrance or with the security guard at your respective apartment/society.

  • Delivery to the door may not be possible if especially living in a high-rise apartment as delivery partners have certain restrictions, in which case they may call you to come down to receive your package or might drop it at the Entrance / or with the security guard. It is your responsibility to check with your respective society and give the required permissions or approvals for the security to receive your package on your behalf.  

  • Our delivery partner shall only deliver the product to the ground floor in the absence of a service lift in your apartment. (if applicable)

  • Extra charges are applicable for weekend or specific time deliveries.

Once the order has reached your given location, No refunds will be issued in the case of a missed delivery.

Shipping Policy

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