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Welcome to Chempotty Estate!

Where nature's symphony embraces every leaf, ripple, and exquisite sweetness of Cacao Fruit.

It all started in 2005

Nestled 50 kilometers from Mysore in the serene village of Hura, Chempotty Estate is a 22-acre.

Award winning Farm

Chempotty Estate is a winner of the 3 Best Farmer Awards IFS from Mysuru district.

Innovative Land Stewards

Pioneering 5-layer farming, we sustainably thrive with Jeevamrutham and Brahmasthram, embodying a harmonious blend of tradition and innovation.

Incubated by NSRCEL

Chempotty estate has been incubated in the Velocity program of NSRCEL. · This includes impactful consumer brand startups.

First In India
Cacao Fruit Juice

We are an innovator and pioneer in cacao value-added products. We have developed the first cacao fruit juice in India. It is the juice of the pulp from the cacao fruit, freshly collected.

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Chempotty Estate in Numbers

Nestled 50 kilometers from Mysore in the serene village of Hura, Chempotty Estate is a 22-acre haven surrounded by the lush embrace of forests and the meandering Kabini River.


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Species of Plants


Cacao trees and over 17000 trees overall


Cacao Harvest Festival Attendees

Chempotty Estate — Where Nature's Symphony Unfolds, Every Tree Tells a Story, and the Cacao Fruit Adds a Sweet Note.

Chempotty's Mission & Vision


At Chempotty Estate, we cultivate a harmonious coexistence with nature, ardently following the principles of "spiritual farming." Every aspect of the land is revered, and each creature, big or small, is an integral part of our ecosystem.


Our vision is to be a beacon of sustainable agriculture, demonstrating the profound connection between humanity and the earth. Through responsible farming practices, we aspire to inspire others to embrace a lifestyle that nurtures both the land and its inhabitants.

Nexus Shantiniketan Mall

Farming Dreams Unleashed: Chempotty's Expert Consulting Services

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